Coming Soon to Tapnell Farm




If you’ve been following Tapnell Farm for a while, you might know that we aren’t in the habit of standing still for very long. Then it shouldn’t surprise you to know we’ve got a whole host of exciting upgrades planned for 2018, which will make our farm even bigger and better!

If you've visited in the last few weeks, you might have noticed some work going on already – that will continue over the next few weeks, as we look to get all our new bits up and running ready for the Easter Holidays (some of it will even be ready for February Half-term!)

So what's going to be changing...?

Straw Bale Adventure Barn

We’ve already started building a roof to connect our Straw Bale Adventure Barn, and the Animal Barn – this is so we can open up the side of the barn, and create our new Play Areas and Indoor Picnic Area! Our Pedal Go-Kart track will be getting extended, with a bigger track (made out of tarmac for even faster racing!) and a proper pit lane. The Straw Bale Pyramid will be sculpted into a more exciting straw bale play zone, and our climbing wall will be moving to make it more challenging.

Farm Park Café

We’ve been overwhelmed by how many visitors we’ve seen over the last year and a half, it’s been amazing! Lots of visitors, means lots of hungry mouths to feed and water – so we’ve decided for this season to make our Farm Park Café even bigger, so there’s plenty of places to sit when it gets busy.


Work is already well underway in The Paddocks, to get them ready for the summer season. These are being completely reshaped, so there will be separate paddocks for all our existing animals (some of whom are currently on their holidays at our neighbouring farm). As well as making the paddocks bigger, and more of a walk-through experience, we will also be adding an outdoor “show” area. This will be used for various special events and some of our summer events – including our exciting new “goat agility” shows!

For the kids (and the “big” kids) there will be more exciting play activities coming outdoors, with an extended Trim Trail area next to the Under 5s Jumping Pillow, and the new Tapnell Sledge Run! You’ll be able to race the whole family down our sledge slope, with no snow required! We are also opening up a Tapnell "tractor school" with powered mini tractors, to keep all the budding young farmers busy.

While all this work goes on, there will inevitably be some disruption in certain areas. We will try to minimise this as much as possible, but we will keep our website and Facebook page updated if we need to restrict access to any areas, so make sure to check there before visiting.