At Tapnell Farm Park we have all sorts of different animals, big, small, cute and cuddly for you to come and meet! You can wander round our farm to discover them all, or keep your eye on our Daily Activities and you might just be able to get hands on, or even help our keeper team with feeding them.

Around the farm we have lots of traditional farmyard animals, including some very friendly sheep, magnificent pigs, and a collection of goats – many of which can be found outside in The Paddock. We also have some less traditional farm animals such as alpacas, Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs and miniature donkeys, as well as a fantastic collection of pet animals that include rabbits (dwarf and giant!) guinea pigs, rats and ferrets! You can get hands-on with many of our smaller animals during some of our daily sessions – keep your eyes open for the “Pets Corner” times on the activities board.

You can also discover some very unusual characters in our Bugs and Beasties area! There you will find our colony of Harvest Mice, the amazing Axolotl (also known as Mexican Walking Fish!), our Hissing Cockroaches, and many more!

One of our most popular attractions is the Wallaby Walkabout area, where you can come and meet our welcoming mob of wallabies, as well as our trio of marvelous meerkats. Look out for our daily activities in these area, where are keepers will tell you all you need to know about Tapnell Farm Park’s more exotic residents