Scientific Name: Sus scrofa domesticus Origin: South East Asia Life Span: 12-15 Years Average Height: 40-65cm


  1. Pigs don’t have very good eyesight, but they do have excellent senses of smell and hearing
  2. In the wild pigs can form groups of very large numbers. Herd members communicate with a variety of squeaks, grunts and other noises, including different sneezes
  3. Pot-bellied Pigs are very smart, and can be trained to follow basic commands – very much like you would train a puppy!
  4. In the wild pigs often wallow in the mud. This is because their skin is very sensitive to the sun, and the mud acts as a kind of “piggy sunscreen”.
  5. Whilst closely related to the domestic pig, Vietnamese Pot Bellies have straighter tails, longer snouts, and more upright ears – and of course pot bellies!

You will usually find our Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs located outside in The Paddocks